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We provide our customers with a full range of services. We will help you choose electronic and electrical equipment according to your technical data and to your technical requirements. In the case of non-standard equipment, we will develop a project, a set of technical documentation for the production of electronic and electrical equipment.

We make an order according to the developed design documentation at the manufacturing plant. And we will carry out the acceptance of the manufactured equipment according to the equipment verification methodology developed by us.

We have vast experience in selling products with specialized requirements for the operating temperature of the equipment (our equipment is designed to operate at ultra-low and ultra-high temperatures), vibration and shock, high switching currents and more.

Our products are designed to operate in direct and alternating current circuits.

AM Power System OU

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Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Trust the professionals

Switching devices

Logic blocks

Control units

LED lighting external and internal

Elements of controls and switching

Power supplies, power converters, power stabilizers

Electrical cabinets assembly

Current protection devices

Other equipment


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